Nebraska’s Threatened & Endangered Species

Nebraska Threatened & Endangered Species

Nebraska has 27 threatened and endangered species. Click on a photo to learn more about each.

Click on one of the species groups below (birds, fish, insects, mammals, etc.) to sort the species.

To download a complete list of Nebraska’s Threatened & Endangered Species, click here.

  • Small White Lady’s Slipper

    Small White Lady’s Slipper

  • American Ginseng

    American Ginseng

  • Ute Ladies-tresses

    Ute Ladies-tresses

  • Western Prairie Fringed Orchid

    Western Prairie Fringed Orchid

  • Saltwort


  • Colorado Butterfly Plant

    Colorado Butterfly Plant

  • Blowout Penstemon

    Blowout Penstemon

  • Massasauga


  • Scaleshell Mussel

    Scaleshell Mussel

  • Salt Creek Tiger Beetle

    Salt Creek Tiger Beetle

  • American Burying Beetle

    American Burying Beetle

  • Southern Flying Squirrel

    Southern Flying Squirrel

  • River Otter

    River Otter

  • Swift Fox

    Swift Fox

  • Black-footed Ferret

    Black-footed Ferret

  • Finescale Dace

    Finescale Dace

  • Northern Redbelly Dace

    Northern Redbelly Dace

  • Lake Sturgeon

    Lake Sturgeon

  • Blacknose Shiner

    Blacknose Shiner

  • Sturgeon Chub

    Sturgeon Chub

  • Topeka Shiner

    Topeka Shiner

  • Pallid Sturgeon

    Pallid Sturgeon

  • Mountain Plover

    Mountain Plover

  • Piping Plover

    Piping Plover

  • Interior Least Tern

    Interior Least Tern

  • Whooping Crane

    Whooping Crane

  • Eskimo Curlew

    Eskimo Curlew